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Let me introduce myself

Natalie Enlund Marriage Celebrant at The Celebrant Co

Hey there!

I’m Natalie, Marriage Celebrant and founder of The Celebrant Co. I've started this blog to tell you a little bit more about me, how I came about being a Marriage Celebrant and what I do. So I may as well start at the beginning.

A little bit about me

I’ve always liked to keep busy, spending a great deal of time working, hanging out with my loved ones, staying fit and travelling.

I’ve enjoyed a range of jobs and enjoyed the ability to interact with a variety of people, to care for them, make a positive impact on their well being and also work in a systematic and procedural way. I really enjoyed the more creative stuff, working in dynamic environments alongside a variety of intelligent, expressive and creative individuals. I met some amazing role models, mentors and people who I am lucky to call friends.

How I became a Marriage Celebrant

I don’t think being a Marriage Celebrant is a thing most people aspire to when they’re young, it’s not like wanting to be an astronaut or a fire fighter! I think it’s more an evolution and something which finds you.

I met someone once who was a young Marriage Celebrant. I asked them a lot of questions and in doing so I got to know a lot more about what was involved and their personal experiences in the role. I’m a self confessed romantic so I’d always loved weddings and seeing people make that commitment to each other.

One day they suggested that I’d be a great Marriage Celebrant and I literally roared with laughter at the prospect. I replied “I could never do that!" They gave me a very pragmatic response. “Why not?”

Why I became a Marriage Celebrant

I couldn’t give an answer that wasn’t just a bunch of silly excuses and when I went away and thought about it, I realised, I could do it. And actually, this very special and important role would be well suited to me for a number of reasons.

Many of the aspects of work that I’ve enjoyed most in my career, are all part of being a Marriage Celebrant. In addition to those things, it would give me a great deal of personal satisfaction to help couples express themselves and share that journey with their loved ones. It also allows me to encourage, respect and uphold the institution of marriage, as well as give something back to my community. It’s super flexible and allows me to work for myself no matter where I am. It’s actually pretty perfect for me.

I’m not a Marriage Celebrant who never presumes to know what a couple wants. I’m not going to give you some heavy, unimaginative cookie cutter ceremony that just isn't you. I’m really enthusiastic about what I do and I have a lot of love for it. It took me a long time to find something that I was passionate about, and I’m so glad I found it.

Put it like this, think of me as your wingman. It’s my job to help guide you and create a befitting wedding ceremony just for you.

I am so excited, because I know the future is bright!



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